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Hi. Remember us? We’re Generation X. Demographers will say we’re the ones born between 1965 and 1980, but really, if you remember when MTV played music, you’re one of us.

We want to speak up. Our generation has been squeezed out of the zeitgeist, the discourse and any other grad-school word you want to toss out. The Boomers’ grip on culture never quite went away. The Millennials and Gen Z grew up online, so it’s no wonder they control new media and sneer at us for not following the latest memes the same way we rolled our eyes at our parents when we had to set the VCR again.

The Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z aren’t the only generations with something to say. It’s our turn. We combine the experience of the Boomers with the empathy and inclusiveness of Gen Z. We’ve made a lot of great TV. And our music rocks.

Disclaimer: The podcast isn’t explicitly political. But any sociopolitical content will be based on reason and evidence, the latter mostly from fallible but knowledgeable news outlets and experts like “doctors” and “researchers” and “people who who’ve literally done their homework” rather than people who prey on the ignorant and prejudiced to maintain political power, so if you prefer your “news” from sources that do the latter, you might not enjoy the podcast. On the other hand, the tolerance level for woker-than-thou Zoomerlennials is limited.


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Beau Dure has spent entirely too much of his life concerned with people who kick soccer balls. Also some of it with people who kick each other. He has two degrees from Duke University and has wasted both of them. Working for USA TODAY, writing several books and writing for The Guardian, Soccer America, ESPN, NBC and many other places really isn’t that glamorous. Or lucrative.

He’s also frustrated that Gen X and its rich culture doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We’re scorned by Boomers as slackers and scoffed at by younger generations as old.

So he’s doing this pod. Besides, he needs something to do with his spare time when he’s not writing for those various media outlets, jamming at School of Rock, substitute teaching and curling.


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